Riley & Brady Minor ride with CSI Saddle Pads

Orders in the United States

Shipping is based on each individual product. There is no free shipping available.

The following shipping rates apply to the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia in the U.S.A. Please read below and email us for a quote for shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and international orders will be calculated and charged.

CSI Flex-Plate® Saddle Pads:

First 2 CSI Flex-Plate® Saddle Pads per Order: $35
Order of 3 CSI Flex-Plate® Saddle Pads : $45

Please call for orders of 4 or more Saddle Pads as this will require special shipping.

Replacement CSI Saddle Pad Liners

1st CSI Saddle Pad Liner Order: $25
Additional liners per Order up to 3 liners: $10 each additional

Please call for orders of 4 or more CSI Saddle Pad Liners as this will require special shipping.


Teardrop Shims: $7.00 per set**
Medium Fill Shims: $10.00 per set**
Swayback Shims: $13.00 per set**

** Each order of Shims contains a set of 2

Please call for orders of 4 or more Shims as this will require special shipping.

Care Products:

Includes Groom Ninja, Renapur, and Cleaning Brushs

Care Products: $7.00 per item

Please call for orders of 4 or more Care Products as this will require special shipping.

International Orders

Live outside the continental United States? CSI Saddle Pads is proud to ship saddle pads all over the world! We routinely ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Europe and, yes, we ship to Australia and New Zealand as well as anywhere else the US Postal Service can ship to.

Shipping to other countries through USPS is pretty easy and hassle free. Once we receive your order and address, we will get an estimate of the shipping cost. We suggest international customers communicate with us via email because of time zone differences. 

Send your request to and we will reply with shipping cost and availability. Please include the product and quantity of each that you wish to order.

PLEASE NOTE: We prefer our international customers pay us via Paypal and we can arrange invoicing for you so all you have to do is enter your credit card information into Paypal’s secure system — no account required.