Yes, CSI Flex-Plate Saddlepads come with a 30 day money back guarantee. And, yes, we’ll take back pads that are dirty or have been used.

85% of horses need and riders choose our 32″ western pad with a 3/4″ liner.

If your horse is mutton withered (round backed) and you just do light riding, you should choose a 1/2″ liner.

The CSI Saddlepad with a 3/4″ liner creates a 1″ overall pad thickness, and a 1/2″ liner will create a 3/4″ overall pad thickness.

To determine the length of pad you’ll need to stand your saddle up on its horn or pommel end and then measure from the ground to the end of the skirt. A rule of thumb would be to buy the pad that is at least 2″ longer than your skirt length.

As far as the cut of the pad (ie, sport cut, show cut, square, round), choose the style you’d like under your saddle. The CSI Flex-Plate and contour is the same in each of the styles. The only other consideration would be if you’re using a drop-rigging saddle as the show cut pad is very narrow around the barrel and will not accommodate the drop rigging as the other styles.

You can purchase pad directly from us by going to our ONLINE STORE and BUYING YOUR PAD NOW! Just choose from the menu above. You can also, call us at 660.438.4CSI (4274), visit us at an event or work with one of our DEALERS.

If you are an INTERNATIONAL or Canadian customer, check out our International Sales page or call us at 660.638.4274.

Absolutely! We will happily help you access saddle fit and saddle pad fit both before and after buying a CSI Saddlepad. We normally ask you start out by sending us some photos of your horse. Email the images to csisaddlepads@gmail.com

Here is a list of photos we like to see to evaluate saddle and/or saddle pad fit:

(To get good relevant photos, place the horse on level ground in an even stance.)

1) A photo of the horse’s back with no saddle or pad. One from each side.

2) One photo looking down the horse’s back from behind and above. Use a bucket or the fence to help get a good angle where we can determine if the horse is even or uneven behind the wither.

3) Two photos of the horse with just the saddle, not cinched. One from the mount side and one looking down the gullet from the front.

CSI’s 30-day money-back ride-it and try-it guarantee is a go get it dirty, ride it like you own and return it no matter what the reason within 30 day guarantee. We want you to actually USE the pad because that’s the only way you’re going to know if you like it or not. If you decide to return the pad, you will be refunded the price of the pad (less shipping). You will be asked to provide a reason as to why you are returning the pad, but this is only so we can determine how to improve our product in the future.

The most common reason people are disappointed in the fit of their CSI Saddlepad is because they saddle too far forward on the pad for the CSI Flex-Plate to work at its optimum. Before you send your pad back, please check out the Using the CSI Saddlpad page and watch the videos in our Video Library.

Just call our office and ask for an extension. 660.638.4274. It’s not a problem.

The Flex-Plate and workmanship are guaranteed for five years. During this time, we will repair or replace your pad for free if you either break the Flex-Plate (during equine use!) or if the pad comes unstitched due to manufacturer defect.

Yes, as long as it is within 30 days of purchase, a $15 restocking fee is applicable. It doesn’t matter if it has been used. Download our Return Form and fill it out. It has detailed instructions on how and where to return the pad. In the Reason/Notes section, be sure to tell us what size pad you want. If you’d like to talk to someone before returning your pad, or get more information on exchanging the pad, you can call us at 660.638.4274.

Download our Return Form and fill it out. It has detailed instructions on how and where to return the pad. Just a tip: if you’re in the Continental US, UPS will be less expensive than the US Postal service for return shipping. If you have any questions, feel free to call us 660.638.4274. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for your refund to be processed.

Breaking a CSI Flex-Plate is truly a rare occurrence. Squeaking may occur as your Flex-Plate ages — this does not mean it’s broken. The pad will also become more and more flexible as it becomes broken in — again this does not mean the plate is broken. Sometimes the carpet will also wrinkle in the middle of the CSI Flex-Plate, this is not an indication that the plate is broken. If you still think your Flex-Plate is broken, call us at 660.638.4274 and we’ll help you determine if it truly is broken and help you get it fixed. The CSI Flex-Plate has a five year warranty.

It is rare that the CSI Saddlepad has issues with stitching or workmanship, but if it does happen, download our Repair Form and then arrange to ship your pad back to us at: CSI Saddlepads, 340 NW MM Hwy, Urich, MO 64788. Repairs are usually made with in a week of receipt and the pad will be shipped back to you as soon as it is repaired.

An ideal sweat pattern will show even wetness on both sides of the horse with a dry strip down the spine.

This, however, is an IDEAL sweat pattern and yours may or may not look like this depending on several factors including how long you were riding to produce the sweat pattern, the health of your horse, your horse’s conformation, saddle fit and environmental factors.

Depending on the height of your horse’s withers, you may see more dryness toward the front of the sweat pattern due to increased air flow.

Some horses who have had severe pressure point damage will never create an even sweat pattern because damage has been done to the hair follicle/dermis of the skin.

Our 100% all natural wool liners are just that — 100% all natural and the bits of vegetative matter in the material are what was on the sheep when it was sheared of its fleece. Since we used needled wool instead of pressed wool, the wool never goes through harsh cleaning processess, so the vegatative matter remains in the finished product. Simply pluck it out.

Our standard Western Line pads are available in 30 and 32 inch lengths. They will actually measure 29 1/2 and 31 1/2 inches respectively if you want to get technical. To determine which you have, DON’T MEASURE DOWN THE BACKSTRAP, this is not an accurate measurement of pad length because of the pad contour. Measure along the wear leather or visit the CSI Saddlepad Lineup Page to see sizes. You can also look inside the pad for a written size. Pads manufactured after 2013 have the size written on them.

All 30 inch liners manufactured from June 2015 on will have white velcro on one side whereas 32 inch liners will have black velcro only.

Pad slipping usually occurs when there is an underlying saddle fit issue OR if you are saddling too far forward or too far back. Try saddling so the back edge of your CSI pad and your saddle skirt are lined up. Review the videos on CSI Solutions page as well. If you’re still having problems, call us at 660.638.4CSI (4274) and we can consult with you over the phone.

Yes, we can help with these conditions. Go to our Special Needs Horses page and read up on this condition and using shims there.

When it comes to choosing a length, your saddle pad should always be purchased to fit your saddle, not your horse’s back. We strongly recommend you ride a saddle with a back cinch to increase your horse’s comfort.

Long hair coat breakage is VERY COMMON with all wool pads. The longer hair gets hung up in the wool fibers and breaks off. This does NOT mean your pad is rubbing, it just means the hair shafts in this area are getting caught in the wool fibers and breaking off. Unless your horse palpates sore in this area, this condition is nothing to worry about. You can use baby powder over the area to help lubricate the hair shaft if you want to prevent as much further breakage as possible. Be sure to thoroughly brush you horse prior to riding.

As long as you can position the pad correctly on the saddle AND the saddle is not rubbling on the horse’s hide, it is not a concern if the saddle skirt extends to the edge of the pad. As a matter of fact, most correctly saddled western saddles with a CSI pad are in this position.

We can make a 34 inch pad. This is a very special order item. Call us at 660.638.4CSI (4274) for more information.

Yes, we are happy to try to help you solve your saddlepad fitting issues. We may ask you to take some photos of the situation and email them to us. If you want to go ahead and get that part out of the way, here is a list of photos I’d like to see to evaluate saddle and/or saddlepad fit:

(To get good relevant photos, place the horse on level ground in an even stance.)

1) A photo of the horse’s back with no saddle or pad. One from each side.

2) One photo looking down the horse’s back from behind and above. Use a bucket or the fence to help get a good angle where we can determine if the horse is even or uneven behind the wither.

3) Two photos of the horse with just the saddle, not cinched. One from the mount side and one looking down the gullet from the front.

IF YOU HAVE A CSI PAD and are experiencing problems, it helps us to see what’s going on. TAKE THE FOLLOWING IMAGES

4) Three photos of the horse with the pad and the saddle cinched as the rider would do it if they were ready to ride (meaning tighten the cinch mount tight): one from each side and one looking down the gullet from the front.

5) After riding the horse to a sweat, take another set of photos as in #4 while the horse is tacked (do not loosen cinch or readjust saddle in any way) PLUS the same set of photos as in #s 1 and 2 once the horse has been unsaddled but before cooling (to see sweat patterns).

You can email photos to csipads@gmail.com. Call 660.638.4274 to follow up on photos.

We now make all pads and liners with 4 vent holes. The liner with 4 holes fits exactly the same way into pads with 5 holes so there is nothing to worry about! Always make sure you put your liner in starting at the back – it is much easier to line it up this way.

First, be sure check out our page on Using the CSI Saddlepad and our Video Library to see if you are positioning the saddle optimally on the pad. If you are still having difficulty, call us at 660.638.4274.

It is the nature of wool fiber to ball up due to friction and heat. If the pad doesn’t move as much, there less friction. If the pad is looser, and the pad moves more, there will be more friction. This is why we recommend you ride with your back cinch snug against the horse’s skin to reduce movement of the saddle over the horse’s loin area. Always hobble your front cinch and back cinch together.

You will replace your liner every one to three years depending on how much you use the pad and how well you care for it. You can extend the life of your liner by following the instructions on our care and cleaning page. Remember, your liner is reversible — just be sure to clean it first!

Your liner needs to be replaced when compression areas no longer “fluff” back up after cleaning.

If you have one of our foam liners, you will know it needs to be replaced when the foam becomes cracked or hard or if the foam has lost its cushion (has become thin). Although we no longer manufacture foam liners, our wool replacement liners will work in your pad.

Our wool liners will fit all previously manufactured pads.

Order online right now by visiting our Online Store, call us at 660.638.4CSI (4274), visit us at a show or expo or speak with one of our dealers.

CSI proudly switched from PVC foam liners to 100% all-natural wool felt liners in 2009.

Why the change? Over the years we had many of our customers request an all natural product. We actually began researching all-natural wool felt substitutes to our foam from the beginning. Then when our foam supplier informed us they were no longer able to produce the PVC foam (used in our foam inserts) to our specifications. Unfortunately, there is only one manufacturer for the foam we used and because of the economy (they have changed formulation to cut costs) they were unwilling to comply to our formulation requirements. This news, combined with customer requests, meant it only made good sense for CSI Saddlepads to discontinue all foam liners and move to using a 100% wool liners.

We are very pleased with the performance of the wool we’ve chosen. In our testing, the wool has performed amazingly well. It offers very similar shock absorption and pressure distribution as the foam, but is a 100% natural material which makes it very safe even for sensitive horses. It has also demonstrated excellent longevity in our tests.

The CSI Flex-Plate, which is the true heartbeat of our pad and the thing that sets us apart from the competition, still provides the same protection it always has — that will never change.