Find the Right CSI Pad for Your Horse

Buying your CSI Pad: Step by Step…


Step One: Choose your length

We offer 32 and 30 inch lengths on all our saddle pads. Remember, our pads are individually hand made, so the length may vary PLUS each pad is contoured so please take into account that the measurement of 32- or 30-inches is at the wear leather, not the backstrap.

Step Two: Choose your liner thickness

The CSI Saddle Pad is a two-layer system. The inside layer velcros out for easy replacement and cleaning. This layer acts as the shock absorber. Choose a 3/4-inch for most horses, trail riding, roping, ranching and general purpose. Choose 1/2-inch for mutton withered, round backed or horses from 6-to-12 years old with a good fitting saddle.

Step Three: Choose your pads shape.

 The CSI Saddle Pad comes in square (standard), round, sport and show cut shapes. Choose the one that fits your specific needs the best. The Flex-Plate is the same in all the shapes, so don’t worry, you really can’t make a mistake here.

Step Four: Choose your pad color and wear leathers.

Choose your pad color and wear leathers. This is the fun part! Choose from six base colors (brown, gray, tan, black, blue, and green). Then, add standard wear leathers or customize your pad with tooling, inlays or laser engraving.

Step Five: Choose custom extras to personalize your CSI pad.

You can laser initials and/or logos starting at $35 per pad. You can get hair-on wear leathers in a variety of hides including zebra and a variety of cow hide colors such as brindle or black/white. You can upgrade your wear leathers to a larger, hand tooled Wickett and Craig leather starting at $150 per pad. We also offer a variety of “special” custom created pads with inlays in a variety of exotic hides including croc, stingray and hair-on hide. See our custom pad gallery here, or check out our CSI Pads lineup.

Step Six: Determine if your horse needs shims.

Although 95 percent of horses do not need shims, there are a few that do. If your horse has “pockets” behind his withers or if he has a sway back, shims can help your saddle fit (see our Special Needs Horses section). Call us (877-274-7230) and we’ll help you chose the right shims.