The CSI Story

CSI Facts

  • CSI was founded in 2003
  • The first pad manufactured was a full foam pad designed to lessen shock and impact.
  • The first CSI Flex-Plate pad was manufactured in 2005.
  • CSI Saddle Pads use a unique technology not used in any other pad on the market.
  • CSI Saddle Pads are proudly Handmade in the USA.

“CSI Saddle Pads were created to help horses. First and foremost, that is our mission at CSI. Horseback riding has been a passion of mine since childhood. Horses have changed my life, made it better. I want to see them — and the people who ride them, compete on them, love them — be safe and happy. I know the CSI Saddle Pad can help make that happen.” — Donna Saddoris

CSI Saddle Pads — Where “Made in the USA” is More than Just a Label

The CSI Saddle Pads logo is red, white and blue — which is a color scheme this little company takes very seriously. “I believe in this great country,” says CSI CEO and Founder, Donna Saddoris. “I believe in American workers, American ingenuity and the American dream.”

CSI Saddle Pads started like many small businesses in the US, in the garage of a small house on a rural route and born from a specific need. In this case, the need was to create a better experience for horses and riders. Over a decade later, that mission, along with unwavering American pride, are still the company’s driving forces. The result has been a revolution in the saddle pad industry.

At the heart of the CSI Saddle Pad system is something truly unique — the CSI Flex-Plate that creates a larger footprint for the saddle tree and more effectively disperses the riders weight and lessens impact to the horse’s back. “No other saddle pad on the market has the CSI Flex-Plate,” says Saddoris. “A lot of pads have raised areas and similar shapes, but don’t be fooled — none have the CSI Flex-Plate and it’s the CSI Flex-Plate that makes such a big difference in saddle fit, performance and safety.”

To prove how effective the CSI Flex-plate is in dispersing pressure points, the company invented what they refer to as the “Redneck Pressure Tester” — a device which allows a person to compare the CSI Flex-Plate to other pad materials by compressing their hand under a pressure point similar to direct bar pressure from a saddle tree. The test is a true eye-opener for any one who takes it and has lead to the company slogan of “the difference is amazing!” (You can take the CSI Pressure challenge for yourself at any expo or event where CSI has a booth).

In addition to the CSI Flex-Plate, the CSI Saddle Pad features a variety of horse friendly design points including a contour that fits the horse’s back providing wither relief; a removable, replaceable and reversible liner; and durable materials that stand up to the rigors of outdoor use. “We know the CSI Saddle Pad is an investment,” says Saddoris. “We designed it to last. Plus each pad is handmade and quality checked by a CSI Team Member, so you know you’re getting a quality product worthy of the Made in the USA stamp.”

When you combine all the features of CSI Saddle Pad, you have a saddle pad that can dramatically improve performance for equine athletes by providing more comfort with greater range of motion all while reducing soreness. The CSI Saddle Pad can help keep your top competitive horse performing their best time and time again. It will also help keep your cherished trail horse riding long into their senior years as well as help keep your favorite young horse from ever developing training issues due to saddle discomfort. Literally, any horse that is ridden can benefit from a CSI Saddle Pad.

The CSI Saddle Pad has tested and proven in the most challenging environments. Feedlots, ranches, rodeos, horse trainers and extreme trail riders have all shown the CSI Saddle Pad can provide comfort, improve saddle fit, promote safety and keep horses healthy in just about any circumstance. The pad has also proven its longevity with many of the test pad CSI Flex-Plates still in use over a decade after their manufacture.

“Most of our customers never put their CSI Saddle Pads through anything near what we’ve put our test pads through,” says Saddoris.

One place the CSI Saddle Pad has shown its ability to really perform the competition is in the rodeo arena. The number of competitors using a CSI Saddle Pad grows each year and this makes Saddoris, who is very passionate about the sport of rodeo, very happy. “It is such a joy to see athletes I’ve followed throughout their careers — admired throughout their careers — riding a CSI Saddle Pad,” she says. “When they stop at the booth and chat it makes my day. And it gets even better when they leave with their arms loaded full of CSI Saddle Pads. It makes me know we’re doing it right.”

“I’ve competed for years on CSI Saddle Pads,” says PRCA roper Jake Rodriguez. “What this pad has done for my horses is truly amazing — it keeps them sound and happy and that keeps me winning.”

Rodriguez was so happy with his CSI Saddle Pad experience, he became part of the CSI Saddle Pad executive team. “I am very proud to be associated with an American Made product that does such great things for horses,” he says.

Rodriguez also appreciates being involved with a company that actively promotes good horsemanship. One of Saddoris’ main personal missions is to help horse owners better understand how saddle fit impacts their horse’s ability to perform — whether going down the trail on a Sunday afternoon or during a heading run at the NFR. Anyone who has met her at an expo can attest to her passion for helping horses. Much of the company’s literature and a big part of their website is also devoted to education. “I developed this product to help horses and riders,” Saddoris says. “I never lose sight of that — ever.”